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Molepske: Isherwood's Negative Attack on Judge Finn - baseless

Aug 07, 2012

 For Immediate Release:

From:  Louis Molepske For District Attorney Campaign

August 7, 2012

Today, in response to Veronica Isherwood's negative attack on the character and impartiality of the Honorable Judge John Finn in the Stevens Point Journal, Louis J. Molepske, Jr. issued the following statement:

"It is unfortunate that Veronica Isherwood would call into question the integrity of senior Circuit Court Judge John Finn to remain impartial in a case before him. Mrs. Isherwood owes Judge Finn and the entire Circuit Court Branch 2 an apology for such negative campaign 

statements that she is trying to use to confuse voters. This is not the type of character that a Portage County District Attorney should display and it calls into question whether these same actions would be used against people accused of crimes. Mrs. Isherwood should know the law, but instead is trying to twist it to create an issue that does not legally exist. Portage County is like a large extended family; I cannot understand why Mrs. Isherwood is presenting herself so negatively. My campaign has been about the issues facing Portage County's District Attorney's office, and I will continue to focus on positive and informative issues, not unfounded accusations. The Portage County DA office needs to be as effective as possible to keep us safe, reduce recidivism to save resources, and respond to the Public's changing needs placed on the DA office - and that is what I will do as Portage County's next District Attorney." 
- Louis Molepske, Jr.

Authorized and Paid for by Molepske For District Attorney, Jim Bablitch, Treasurer.

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